Young Women In Media

Mvusi Dee

Times have changed; this is evident in today’s business environment. Gone are the days when the most senior positions were reserved for men, in recent years we’ve seen women rise to the occasion, leading the most powerful corporations to success. But just because this may be more commonplace does not mean it is without its challenges, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who happens to be a CEO of a company in the Media Industry, one of the most cutthroat industries out there.

What I learnt from her was that, even though we see more and more females within the industry it is still a predominantly male dominated industry, just getting a foot in the door is hard work.

She expressed to me that although challenges and obstacles are expected when breaking into any industry, these difficulties seem to be intensified in the Media Industry with “successful” women being labeled as “that girl”, the one who slept her way to the top. This misconception has created a ripple effect for any young female media professional entering into industry, if one has a “pretty face”, it is assumed by male superiors that they can take advantage of this, making it exceedingly difficult for females to grow and prosper in their positions when they constantly have to deal with unwanted advances towards them.

But for the women who do manage to break through this it vital that once they have established themselves in industry to have the staying power to make a statement that they are there to stay regardless. Women in this business will always have to prove themselves in order not to be disrespected by men. What creates even more “difficulty” is most women in this industry are perfectionists, always going above and beyond to prove that they have as much ability and experience as their male counterparts, often leading to envy and contempt.

In order to make it especially as young women in the media business, you need to know what you want, know what your vision is and be clear about it. Personal principles will always take you higher in life; learn to say no more than you say yes. Let no man take advantage of you because of your looks, the only way to do this is from the beginning. First impressions are everlasting make sure you command the respect you deserve.

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