The One and Only Threaded Man

Brooklyn Masuku

Globally recognized for his artistic sense of fashion, Siya Beyile (26) was born for the fashion industry. Boasting a resume, working alongside brands such as: H&M, Levis, Stuttafords, American Swiss, Titan Watches and Adidas just to name a few, it comes as no shock why he is relevant within the scenery. 

Often described as a “Mood”, Siya has proven that being ‘Young and Gifted’ is a true fashion statement and nothing restricts Beyile’s entrepreneurial ventures & drive to success. 

Someone might be reading this for the first time and think: ‘Who is the Threaded Man? Do describe your love for the TTM brand? 

“I don’t think I even have the words to desrcibe my love for TTM. I founded the brand fresh out of high school and have grown with the brand. It has brought me tears of joy and sadness but the journey has been worth it for sure”, he said.



With the experiences you’ve faced publicly with regards to your business, what continues to drive the persistence you have towards your brand?

Giving up has never been an option for me! When I started my business I took an oath to myself that all the challenges I face are not there to define but are there to teach me a lesson for the next level. I have never lost sight of the goal and I will always stay committed to growing the business and changing lives on the way.

I love that people in the public get to see my highs and lows because one day when I pass, I want people to remember me for owning my truth, backing my dreams and never giving up. Black Kids need to take over the world and our spirit needs to remain resilient,” he shares.

At what age did you start developing  feelings for fashion and the entrepreneurial bug? 

“I don’t think I had an ‘OMG Moment’ towards fashion. It’s always intrigued me because fashion is not just “fashion” but it is design, it’s people manifesting their identity through clothing. I saw a gap in telling a different story about fashion. Telling the story from a cultural lens”.

Let’s reminisce for a bit. You’ve worked closely with big brands and on Projects including: MTV Africa Music Awards & SAMAS as a Fashion Director. How was the experience? 

Those experiences were incredibly sick! To be involved at such at the age of 21 was a dream come true. I loved every minute of it including the stress that came with it”.

Looking at the South African fashion industry, where are we right now in terms of growth?

“We remain divided with our huge egos and that’s why progress will always remain slow. We like the idea of banding together to build a better South Africa for all but when it comes to execution we make excuses and entitlement comes out. We need to stop talking the talk and actually work,” he shares.

If you had to be a stylist to the starswho would be your client and why?

“Barack & Michelle Obama, They are one of my biggest inspirations and I believe I’d learn alot if given the opportunity to work with them”

You’ve continuously travelled to many countries around the world. Which Fashion Week has captivated you the most ?

“Definitely Paris Fashion Week! It felt like the ‘World Cup’.it’s super insane”! 


What’s the most expensive clothing item sitting in your closet right now?

“I’m not one to splurge on clothing and I have been lucky enough to have brands send me the flyest clothing. The most expensive stuff I own is probably my Louis Vuitton Wallet set which is worth R20K. I bought it for myself after I had done the SAMAS and it was my first expensive gift that I bought for myself. I still cherish it today,” he mentions.

Did you ever think you’d catch the eyes of the international audience all through your taste in fashion?

Yeah! I have always been original in telling my own story and drawing from my own heritage”. 

What’s your advice for up and coming fashion lovers and aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Walk in Faith & Have Good people around you…Your time is coming,” he says.

In closingwhat’s next on the Beyile brand drawing board?

My clothing brand is out coming later this year & the new TTM Africa site launched on the 14th of Feb 2019, so that’s what we are focusing on at this present moment,” he concludes. 

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