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Elesi Azumah

Tell me why, you looking so divine”. If you don’t know the opening line for Manu Worldstar’s hit single- Nalingi, then you definitely have been living under a rock!

The young musician has taken the music scenery by storm and donned the name ‘Breakout Kid’ in 2018 all due to his hardwork and equal talent- But on the real can we blame him! So ladies and gentlemen, join us over a glass of champers as we celebrate his life, opinions of #openuptheindustry and the liberation of African musicians. Salute!

Known as ‘2018’s Breakout Artist’, Do share with us who the real Emmanuel Mutendji is?

“Emmanuel Mutendji is a 23-year old South African kid, born to Delphine and Nadine Mutendji (Congolese parents). I am a fearless somebody, I have always been fearless! Growing up, my dreams were never too big for me. Knowing that I am currently doing what I love and that I am doing what I want to do, fuels: my passion each and every day” he says.

Most musical artists attest their passion towards their ‘families influence’. Would you say the same within your chosen career path?

“Yes! My whole family is filled with musos. I used to accompany my mother to choir rehearsals every Tuesday evenings. I would just sit there and listen to the beautiful melodies. I think that’s where the love for music began.”


Your music resonates sounds and beats which tap into the hearts of Africans all over the continent. Was this the sound of music you originally linked yourself with?

“My first recorded song was an RnB record. Years went by and my love for Hip-Hop/Rap music came about. I have always known that I’d be the type of artist to cross genres. It was just a matter of which genre was going to pop off first”


Your resume oozes success and liberates the hardwork African artists have to present globally. What more would you like to see come out of the African music scenery?

“I’d like to see us Africans tour. We like to call our gig-guides “tours” but that’s just a front. Artists overseas go around the country for months, performing day-in-day-out. I’m trying to grow a fanbase across Africa and the World! Which will allow me to go away, make bread and come home and split it with my family, he shares.”


Within the breakout phase of your career, you have managed to bag 13 number 1’s across major African and International radio stations.What has that meant for you personally?

“This means one thing and only one thing for me – and that is MANU WORLDSTAR IS HERE TO STAY!

Congratulations on reaching the milestone of a million streams! How do you plan on keeping up the momentum?

“We have a new record coming out called Future Plan. I’m actually shooting the music video this weekend. Everybody at the camp is excited and in good spirits about this. I also have a number of insane features coming out. I’m planning to take my summer wave and heat up the winter time, Manu shares.”


What brought upon the inspiration behind the amazing hit track – Nalingi and what does Nalingi mean?

“The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I guess just the beautiful women in Africa. Our women are insanely beautiful.”


Congrats on making it to the Top Ten of Vuzu’s Season 2 of The Hustle. Either than yourself, who do you genuinely believe was worthy of the winning title?

“Thank you! I guess I was so invested in my own journey that I really wasn’t focused on who else could have won the competition. ‘Lol I stopped watching the show as soon as I left’. I was just done with it.”


If you were to create your own version of ‘The Round Table’, who do you believe are South Africa’s Top 5 Artists to definetly collaborate/work with on a single?

“Sjava, Shekinah, Reece, Nasty & Manu Worldstar! An Honorable mention has to be Gemini Maejor for the production you know! Its the time for the new kids to run the city, he firmly states.”


What is your personal take on the #openuptheindustry movement. Could you say there’s a lot of favoritism within the entertainment scene?

“I’d say there’s a lot of politics but if you’re talented and you truly work hard, luck will be on your side. The real ones always rise to the top.” Always!


Complete the sentence, Music is……

 “My life, my love, my everything.”


What future projects can the world expect from Manu Worldstar in 2019?

“ My new single is coming out on the 1st of March.(already out there) Music video coming soon after. I am super excited! Wait on it. A lot more content. A lot more collaborations and a lot more music because that’s what it’s about real-time.”

And that’s a wrap from The Million Stream Man’. I think it’s safe to attest and firmly say that Manu Worldstar is Africa’s poster child. I proclaim the rise and the beginning of a brand new era of Music in Africa and Mr Worldstar is the start of that era!


Images Courtesy: Casey Waves

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