Smanga OG’s First Touch Short Film

Jifa Azumah

If you’ve listened to Smanga’s Mixtape titled First Touch – then the short film only brings what his music speaks to life. From the moment you watch the film, you are captivated by the narrative and the music in the background. The storyline is based on a young man on a journey to find his place in the world – On a journey to find his First Touch.

The film is about more than what meets the eye, it’s about a movement, street kulture and young creatives who came together to put themselves on an “Independent Lane”- To birth a body of work that will have an everlasting and deeply rooted impact in the industry.

Explain in brief detail what the First Touch short film is about?

“The First Touch Short Film idea came about after we recorded my debut Mixtape First Touch. The plan was to boost the reach and the feel of the tape with a dope visual and not just your typical music video but an actual short film. It’s amazing and you should check it out if you haven’t. Then listen to the tape or vice versa”, says Smanga.

For the people who don’t understand or know the depth of the First Touch movement, how would you describe your First Touch?

“Well First Touch is the first step you take towards your goals or dreams. Your genesis. Throughout the tape and the film I worked with artists, directors, producers etc. These people I’ve mentioned haven’t broken through mainstream yet and work day and night to finesse their First Touch. My First Touch was dropping my first ever Mixtape and Short Film and working with so many young creatives and witnessing them work on their First Touch with me. This was an honor”.

What was your source of inspiration to do this film?

“We wanted the tape to have an everlasting, deep rooted impact. With so many up and coming artists releasing new music every day and doing the same thing, we wanted to be different, on our own lane and set the bar for debut tapes because we’re 100% independent, we have to do it differently”.

What hardships did you come across whilst putting the short film together?

“There were tons and tons of hardships, wow! First of all this was our first time ever being a production house, we had no financial help whatsoever, no permission to shoot anywhere and we were always late. For a moment it seemed like we’d never finish it, then we got robbed and they stole most of the footage and equipment we’d rented out so that took us an extra 2 months to recover from (reshoots etc.) . It was like a movie. Then there was post production which was something else. But we crossed over and completed it and we did it all by ourselves because no one would help so we just had to make a way and get it done and finish what we started”.

What is the connection with the storyline and the music you chose for the film?

Well the connection is that all the music used in the film is the exact same music in the tape, so if you’ve listened to the tape then you decide to watch the film. The music is familiar which brings a wholesome feel and experience. Some of the narratives in some scenes were specifically developed for specific songs as well, so it’s an entire experience that was well curated”.

Not many artists have turned their Mixtapes into a film, how have other artists and the general public received it?

“Well our friends that are artists really mess with the film. I feel like the majority of people (artist or not) honestly love the film and that’s because our director managed to execute it in a way which makes it easy to fall in love with or get attached to it the first time around. We wanted to express a relatable story & journey for most millennials” says SmangaOG

Judging from the film, would acting be something you would pursue in the future?

“Lol, I get this a lot, I’m actually considering it now hey, why not? Laughs…  I grew up going to theaters as a kid, watching my aunt do her thing so I’d probably consider it but music is still my first love.”

The future seems rather bright for the First Touch Movement, are there any projects you are currently working on for 2019?

“Thank you very much. In 2019 we’ve got The Deluxe Touch dropping, more music, more visuals and performances”.

Link to Mixtape and short Film


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