Powerhouse Terrence McKay on the rise

Zama Khumalo

The universe heard his plea to become nothing but a brilliant musician whose music would be heard far and wide. House Music Vocalist and Song Writer, Terrence McKay is a force to be reckoned with and the world should be ready for his energetic vibe and soothing vocals.

Born in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu- Natal, Terrence McKay was raised by his grandmother as his mother was employed far away from home.

“I am the first born of three siblings. My sister Philiswa is 2 years younger than me whilst my little brother Thabane is 13 years old”, he explains.

It was at the tender age of 13, Terrence decided to follow his mother who had located to the Vaal in search of a job. Through this journey, Terrence bestowed upon the realisation of his musical calling and he has not looked back ever since.

Reaching the semi-finals alongside his band called, ‘Gurulogic’  of the hit TV programme: ‘South Africa’s Got Talent’proved that Terrence has what it takes to make it and be the best there is in the music industry.

“I look back at the whole experience with mixed emotions. On one hand, I’m really grateful to have been a part of such a big production and do so well. On the other, I hate the fact that I never made it to the finals. Nevertheless the whole experience gave me the confidence I have today. I’m thus more grateful than regretful,”he says.

Although Terrence failed to make it into the finals, that didn’t deter him from wanting more out of his growing career. He was instead motivated to push even harder to achieve his dreams.

Performing at one of South Africa’s most anticipated events: The Durban July,gave Terrence the chance to be spotted by one of South Africa’s prominent musicians, Unathi Msengana. Through that a spectacular opportunity rose to ensure Terrence’s rise to stardom.

He excitedly says: “I had the privilege of performing before her at the Durban July last year and she was so impressed by my performance, she offered me the opportunity to open for her on tour”.

Besides being a musician, Terrence is a motivational speaker and loves to use his personal life experiences as a tool to educate others about living their fullest potential. For him, it’s about  living in his truth, in order for people to see that he is living proof of what he is preaching.

“I’m learning that life isn’t always about the title but rather about living a life that is exemplary and letting people decide if you are an inspiration or not.” he emphasises.

If he is not singing or writing music, Terence enjoys sitting at home relaxing and watching television. He also enjoys going out to watch movies. One thing that should also be mentioned about the singer is his excellent fashion sense which is a modern vintage twist of Sophia Town.

Going forward, Terrence sees himself as a musician doing greater things and plans to do more collaborations with artists all with the aim of taking his career even further.

He states: “It would be great to work with great South African house producers like Black Motion or Prince Kaybee but I’m open to working with any artist who can add value into my career and vice versa”.

One cannot help but wonder what other tricks he has up his sleeve but all we know is that this man is destined for greatness and we cannot wait to see him unravel it.

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