Friends with Benefits

Friends with benefits popularly referred to as FWB’s seems to be becoming a trend in today’s society, which makes me wonder, if it’s the new form of dating?

This “trend” which many were exposed to for the first time in the 2011 blockbuster “Friends with Benefits” starring heartthrob Justin Timberlake and wide eyed beauty Mila Kunis, has become one of the many topics arise frequently, it has raised a few eyebrows and left many like myself with endless unanswered questions.

Not everyone harbours a desire to be in a committed relationship with the person they are intimate with. As shocking as it may sound, it does happen and this is usually referred to as friend’s with benefits, which means no limits, only sexual pleasure, no boundaries, no strings attached and no commitment. Friends with benefits lack the explicit commitment to being a couple and building a future together. The term is meant to alleviate the heart breaks, hurt, stress and all that comes along with being in a relationship. This simply means you are emotionally unavailable. They act as a temporary relationship until something better comes along and the ‘no strings’ attached makes things less complicated with no expectations.

Are we now at a place in society where we can have sex with no strings attached? I don’t know your thoughts but last time I checked sex was pretty much an intimate thing to say the least. The reality is that sex does have an emotional connection. To guarantee that neither of you will not get attached is incredibly naïve. It’s nearly impossible to not get attached, sex complicates everything.


Others might argue that “friends with benefits’ really does work, arguing that the partner is fairly well known and that there is a level of closeness and intimacy and that it can turn into more than just friends with benefits and that it’s a great escape from being hurt and disappointed. Even though it may temporarily put an end to the “she loves him”, “he loves her not” situation it’s not anyone’s fault because there is no commitment, after all that’s why you are friends in the first place. But then again, what happens when the sex fizzles? Then what, does the friendship end together with the sex or just the sex?

I guess it’s safe to say being “friends with benefits” is just too complicated to understand, unless you are in one or have ever been in one. Nonetheless I stand to be corrected.

So what do you think? Are friends with benefits a disaster waiting to happen or could this be the fail safe way to ensure we never have to experience heart break again? Tweet us your comments @BlazonMagazine or simply leave a comment below.

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