Has Gold-digging Become A Social Norm?


A few weeks ago I was out to lunch with two female colleagues a situation I rarely find myself in. As expected the conversation quickly turned to the subject of boyfriends and money. Usually I would excuse myself at this point but this time I decided to stay put hoping that this “discussion” would shed light on an issue that’s been weighing heavy on my heart for quite some time now.

I am of the opinion that there is nothing on this green earth that should give an individual a sense of entitlement over another person’s hard earned money. However the conversation that ensued proved to me that I may be the only one sharing this opinion. The general consensus among my colleagues was that it was the role of a “boyfriend” to take care of them, that whoever they were dating was by default responsible for any and all financial issues.

I found this rather shocking but being a naturally inquisitive person I wanted to know if this meant that the decision on who they chose to date was based on the size of the individual’s wallet. The answer I got disturbed me on a deep level, both women said that yes, this was the case, that they would never date a “broke nigger” and that if the individual didn’t own a car he was an automatic no. What amused me most about these sentiments was that neither of these women have very high paying positions nor own a motor vehicle.

My question then is when did it become okay for women to express such sentiments without shame? Let’s call a spade a spade this is modern day prostitution, yes I said it, you can get as angry as you want but  isn’t that the definition of prostitution? Entering into a “relationship” for financial gains?

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