Grace Galaxy


It is so rare and extremely refreshing to see young and fresh faces in the gospel industry dominating the air waves and Grace Galaxy are fast becoming Mzansi’s rising stars and a phenomenal force to be reckoned with. We had the opportunity to sit and chat with this talented group.

Briefly tell us about the Grace Galaxy

Grace Galaxy is a band that consists of five members, ranging from the ages of 18 and 22. We love music, of course that’s the sole reason we have taken it as a career.

Tell us about yourselves as individuals

We are different and unique in our own ways; we possess different qualities and have similar and different personalities. Cindy is an outgoing person, very adventurous, Dolly is fun and outgoing, Neliswa is the shy one while Anele is the crazy type, good crazy and loves socializing. Apart from that we have two great things in common, which is the passion and love for God and Music.

How did the name Grace Galaxy come about?

It was given to us by our pastor and mentor Tim Omotoso. He saw something special in us, he saw that we were a group of stars under the grace of God and that’s how the name came about.

God has created us with creativity, we urge everyone who is younger than us or older than us to just TRY GOD

How many singles and albums have you worked on?

At the moment we have one single, titled Ngiyamthanda uJesu, it was recorded in Nigeria in 2012.

Why did you choose Gospel music?

We believe the voices we have are not ours, we got them from God, so we felt we needed to give it back to God. We like to believe that if we receive something special from God we have to give it back to him so that he can bless us with more, which means, singing gospel is giving back to him.

What is your most memorable performance so far?

Our most memorable performance will have to be our performance in Israel. That was a highlight for us as a group.

Apart from music, what other activities are you involved in?

We are under a team of Tim Omotoso global outreach which is a foundation that empowers the youth to use or gain any talent that they are, we visit orphanages to give back, feed and help the less privileged.

What are your future projects and plans?

Our main goal as a group is to win more souls to God. This year we are looking at recording an album but we won’t go into more details about that. All we can say is, more is coming.

I guess you have travelled across SA, where will you select as your favourite destination?

We can’t exactly pick out one but we would have to say we love Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.


As role models to young people, what message do you hope to pass along through your music?

What we can say is that inspire before you expire. God has created us with creativity, we urge everyone who is younger than us or older than us to just TRY GOD, just try God and see what he will do for you.


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